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The 9th World Radar Expo

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Update time : May, 29, 2021

The 9th World Radar Expo in 2021
As a high-value industry in the communications and equipment manufacturing industry, radar and upstream and downstream industries have complete professional categories, numerous technological achievements, extensive application scenarios, and huge innovation potential. They are playing an increasingly important role in promoting economic and social development and national defense construction. . The "World Radar Expo" was approved by the Equipment Development Department of the Central Military Commission and served as a guiding unit. It is the only national, international and professional radar industry exhibition in China. Since 2001, it has been held every two years. The scale and influence of the exhibition have increased gradually. The industry has received enthusiastic response and has become an important platform for exchanges and cooperation and product display in the world radar industry.

Under the care and guidance of various national leading agencies and local governments, and with the care and support of all parties in the global industry, the 9th World Radar Expo and the first "Radar and the Future" Global Summit were organized by China Radar Industry Association and China Electronics Technology Group Co., Ltd. and China Electronics Information Industry Group Co., Ltd. will be held on April 22-24, 2021 in Nanjing, the birthplace of China's radar industry.

The 9th World Radar Expo and the first "Radar and the Future" global summit with the purpose of "promoting innovation in the new era and building a new development pattern", based on the superior resources of the radar industry, practicing the national development strategy, focusing on current and future radar and electronic information Hotspots and trends in the engineering field, guide and promote the continuous expansion of radar technology and product application markets, promote structural reforms and high-quality development on the supply side of the industry, in order to accelerate the promotion of the new national dual-cycle development pattern, and to build a modern socialist country and build A community with a shared future for mankind plays an important role.

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The 9th World Radar Expo 2021

Date: April 22-24, 2021

Address: Jiangsu·Nanjing International Expo Center

Zontek Technology Booth No.: 7C24

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